Industrial lubricants

About Zeller + Gmelin Gmbh company

Founded in 1866, today it has a global presence with 16 subsidiaries in all the world’s major markets. Decades of R&D experience have positioned Zeller + Gmelin products amongst market leaders.

At the company’s head office in Eislingen 20% of employees work in R&D, and they continually strive to develop new and optimize the existing products.

Zeller + Gmelin has been awarded several times the “TOP 100” quality label, which involves the assessment of four aspects of innovative management: innovative processes and organization, innovative atmosphere, innovative marketing and promoting innovativeness of the company management.

Zeller + Gmelin Gmbh seeks answers to challenges of the future in close cooperation with its users, institutes and universities and in accordance with the highest standards.

Over 700 different types of industrial lubricants are a testament to Zeller + Gmelin’s innovation and competence. The company has been developing the highest quality solutions for a variety of purposes for more than a century. It can develop solutions tailored to your individual needs in a flexible and creative way. Leading car manufacturers, ironworks, as well as many small and medium-sized companies have been putting trust in Zeller + Gmelin lubricants for decades.

Let Zeller + Gmelin products help to ensure the reliability of your production processes.

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Machine oils

Divinol machine oils by Zeller+ Gmelin Gmbh are recommended by a number of the most prominent machine tool manufacturers, such as DMG Mori, EMAG, Heller, Hermle, Index…

A catalogue of hydraulic oils, oils for sliding doors as well as circulating, gear and compressor oils is available at the following link:

Lubricants for metal working

Metalworking emulsions

Metalworking oils

Anti-corrosion liquids

Deep drawing lubricants

Lubricating greases

Chain oils for high temperature lubrication

Lubricants for textile industry

A reference list of users of Zeller + Gmelin Gmbh (Divinol) industrial lubricants